Yousif Hussain

The wiki is the page on the website which all people in the world can use it to find something or add something in this wiki. We can join this wiki by becoming a member of it. After that, log in the page by put your email and password and the page will open and you can do whatever you wont . the people who used the wiki they will find many section and group to join of them and there is a lot of articles they will find there . in this essay I will write about our pages of the wiki .

Our pages of the wiki is made by our English teacher and the title was for this page is “ Proudly Emirati “ and our student in the class help each other to complete what the teacher put of this page. The teacher organized this page by put three section such as: engineer, invention and achievement. The idea from this topics is to know about the emirate people who are made something for this country. At the same time we can also show their works to all of world to know about us and also we must know about them as emirati people to be proud of them. Farther more we must learn about what they do of this country and also we must continue what they do. The truth is know all the world witness about what became the UAE of this world. All that was by the emirati engineer and achievement and also the invention.

To sum up in my opinion , I learned many thing on this project and also I learned more about my emirati worker and it is sure I’m really proudly of them and I hope to be one of them. Also we can improve this project by searching about emirati invention an all the world not just her in the UAE so we can also know about them in the future.

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