Yousef Khalaf

The wiki is a website on the web you can communicate with other people on the world. I wrote about Palm Island also I know how to put photo on the wiki. When I searched for palm island I looked for anther website because I like to put the best information about palm island. I think my plan is good and it is step by step. I had a big problem on the wiki because I can't upload a video for palm island also how to build this island.

When I learnt about Palm Island I think it is important project. Palm Island is a view of the Emirates so you must build many houses and parking also I want to build a club to do some activities in free time. When I saw the palm island I felt my country is the best country in the world because I can be proudly Emirates in anther country.

The wiki is used to let me know about Palm Island also to know how to put the photo because the photo makes me better when do the presentation. Then, I looked for Palm island information so it gave me many ideas when some one asked me about Palm Island.

The project can be improved if I put the video and change the wiki design. I really liked the project but I want to be better for the next project so you must know how to put the video on the wiki.

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