Wind Towers

My father and my grandfathers lived a difficult life in the past. The summer was a killer so they invented a new thing to make the weather better or to bring some coolness into their lives. so they invented "Al Barajeel" .

"Al barajeel" is a simple air- conditioner it works like A/C in this time. Simply ''Al Barajeel" is four Colums on the ''Beit El Arish'' it is built of palm fronds. Also they cover it by carpets.

In the past Iran was very famous to make ''Al Barajeel'' , also they make it with different designs with concrete,coral stone , wood and plaster. After that all of designs moved into the Gulf area.


How ''Al Barajeel'' work?

The design of tower helps to bring the air inside. The air enters in the room with many slots in the wall. Then the air moves from the top of tower until down into the room. In other words, warm air rises and cold air falls.So this room will be cool and the people can take a rest there.

This article by Amer Jaber.


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