Wild Wadi
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Wadi is an outdoor water park with a heated/cooled wave pool, water slides and two surfing machines and it is in Dubai.


Jumeirah Sceirah

This water slide is the biggest slide and makes you very scared when you go on it. You can travel up to 80 KPH on it and you are 33 M high at the start.

Live the moment with video

How it works:

First, water in pumped to the top (lift hill). Then, when the water is at the top gravity pulls the water down. In addition, the water is cleaned and filtered when it is pumped up to the top again, this is like a circle. water-slide-diagram.gif
Finally, the water is like oil and lubricates between the slide and the body.

Speed of the decline:

The speed depends on the angle of the slide for example an angle of 30˚ you go faster and same thing of 45˚ and 60˚ is slower.
If the slide angle of 30˚ there is less friction and the ride becomes very fast.


Wild Wadi is a great piece of engineering and shows how engineers can make our life fun and because we have it in the Emirates it makes us feel very proud.

This video about Wild Wadi and the people who visited it

This article by Ahmed Mohamed.


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