Sultan Mohamed

Wiki is a website that everybody can join anyone who wants to join a wiki website first he must be a member of wiki and then register, create your page about information and write about it.

Proudly Emirati if you want to be you should look to the future and think about it and think how we can help our country to make it better therefore, engineering is important to improve our country we must think some thing different and invent new things so we can achieve to be a proud Emirati.

We must learn engineering to become an engineer to improve our country like building and transport in our country we have all that and all things in the UAE are new because the UAE is a new country and every time we do something new and invent new things makes me proud to be an Emirati. I found some problems because it my first time in a wiki, I put some pictures and video, also i know new word meanings and i write about Dubai airport and i learned how to search information in the website, it is possible because i know many things so the project can improve

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