Sultan Eisa

Wiki is a web site, in this website you can upload your research, so many people can see it, and also some people make a competition for the best project. If you want to use wiki, first you should make an account, then you can sign in and upload your project.

In the UAE there are many inventors who nobody knows about them and what did they invent. In proudly Emiratis they talk about them and what did they invent, and how we can use it, and also about the problem they faced to achieve their goals.

This site makes me proud of my country. That’s when everybody worldwide can read about them and about their invention and achievement.

In this project I have learned many skills; first I have learned how to research. Also I learned how to make an account; in addition I improved my English and my writing skills.

Finally, I think if the competition is official between all student worldwide its will be better.

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