Welcome to the Reflection page.

On this page you can read reflective pieces of writing. In these pieces of writing the students describe how they feel about the work they did and how it makes them Proud to be Emirati.

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Abdalla Salim
Abdalla Matooq Ahmed Gharib
Ali Saleh Ahmed Mohamed
Amer Jaber Ahmed Salem
Gaber Saeed Hassan Eqbal
Hakim Murad Humaid Obaid
Hussain Saleh Ibrahim Saeed
Khaleefa Ibraheem Khalid Rashid
Mahmoud Ibrahim Khalifa Abdalla
Mohamed Abdulrahim Mohamed Abdalla Ahmed
Nasser Abdulwahed Mohamed Abdalla Ibrahim
Nawaf Saeed Mohamed Ahmed
Yousef Khalaf Saeed Talib
Salim Jamal
Sultan Eisa
Sultan Mohamed
Yousif Hussain
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