Saqar Bin Saif

Saqar Bin Saif’s hobby is designing cars and he has been so successful that Rolls Royce and BMW are interested in his car (a solar powered car).

The Solar powered car is the best thing in the UAE because we have a lot of sun and we need to save the environment. Saqar bin saif is a famous person in UAE because he designed the first solar powered car by an Emirati and it was shown at the 2007 Dubai Motor show.

The car has seats for two people in a reclined position and a top speed of about 50 kilometers per hour. This car is something for all Emirati people to be proud of as it is the first car to work with solar power in the Middle East and Saqar Bin Saif is from the UAE. And so I, Mohamed Ahmed, am proud of this car because it’s from the UAE.

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