Robot Dinosaurs

The UAE is always leading the future and that is why in Dubai they are making robotic dinosaurs that can move, look at you and make noises to scare people.

Robotics is the science of creating artificial intelligence and can be big and small. However, it doesn’t matter if the robot is big or small it still needs the same parts.

Robots are the same as humans they need the same things to make them work so a robot is made up of a motor, to make it move, sensors to tell it when to move, a power supply and a computer to work as a brain. Therefore, we can say a robot is a man made machines that act like humans and animals.

The Restless Planet is being built in Dubai. The park will have 109 robot dinosaurs of over 40 different kinds in a 500,000 square foot park. The new park will be in the City of Arabia.
This article by Ahmed Gharib


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