Rak Solar Powered Robot
rkmc_logo.jpgRak men to solar power the UAE

The robot was invented by student who came from different areas of Ras Al Kaimah: Yasser Al Sharhan, Farouk Jabber, Abdulaziz Al Shehhi, Ahmed master, Ammar Al Mansuri, Mohammad Balhon, Mohammed amine, Mohammed Rashid, Muhaned Rashid, Rashid Al Shehhi, Rabeea Moussa and Saeed Al Shehhi.

The student said the gulf has solar energy so a fully automated robots with vital energy (Renewable energy), can be described as “future energy” in the gulf and the world.


The student got the idea from the sun in the gulf especially, the sun come a lot in the gulf and they agree to use and get more benefit form it also to save other power that are not renewable, also this will be good for environment.

This robot has a special use to help the customer when shopping, when the customer select something and the part has a number you have only put the number in and the robot automatically will bring the part.

These students have created something to be proud of and make me in engineering to help the country making me more Proudly Emirati.




Hussain Saleh

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