Quran Roundabout Tunnel

The tunnel at culture round about is the largest project in Sharjah. The beginning of work was in August 2007, it is one of the projects to try to solve traffic in the city ,and is one of the earlier plan. The cost and the work of building the tunnel is about half abillion dirhams. Three companies joine to gether to build the tunnel . The project Sharjah , Halcrow and china. The projects ends in August 2009. The partners move in the morning and ahiann in the evening to end on time. The most important obstacles facing the project is in the heart of the city and on the vital.

There are three basic steps to complete the process to build the tunnel . T
hey are exploration, consolidation and lining check.
Step1 : Engineers check the different kinds of soil and rock. This is called exploration.
Step2: Engineers drill and strengthen the roofs and walls to make sure they are not unstable and collapse. This is called consolidation.
Step3: Engineers add the final parts the roads, walls and tiles. This is called lining.


This article by Salim Jamal.

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