Palm Island

The Palm Island in Dubai is a beautiful work of engineering and something that makes me feel happy because the Emirates have this wonderful island.
To make this island they work very hard…
First, for the base of island they dredge sand from the sea bed also from the shapes of the island by rainbowing the sand from big ships.
After that, they drop big rocks which come from Ras al Kahama on big boats and they use a crane to drop the rocks onto the sand island.
Finally, they wish that the sea life will come and live in the rocks so that nature will make it that the rocks do not move.
r210327_807050.jpg Picture of a ship rainbowing

It took project four years of planning and study the region of Dubai to be sure that the islands could be built and it would not disrupt the environment.

To protect the island from the sea they built a barrier around it to protect the island from the sea.

This island makes me feel proud because I’m Emirati.


This article by Yousef Khalaf.


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