Nawaf Saeed

WIKI it's a nice web site and it lets you put a lot of information about many things and how we use it, you should first put your email and your password after that put your name or your nick name, and it very easy to log in.
I made a project about solar power and I didn't finish it but I will do it later because I was absent last time when we do it and I hope the project came good.
Every thing didn't go as I planned because I had many problems, how can I log in and how I use it but now I can use it much more than before.

I feel proud to be Emirati because I can find all the respect in my country and another center, Proudly Emirati means to me many thing about the past, now and the future because the past is the past and we live now and we planning for our future and only Emirati can see the future for his country and everybody who lives in this country should bleed his own country to have the best future.

I learn from this project how can I find information about many thing and this how I can improve during in this project and I really like it.
I learn from railing a WIKI about the engineer, invention and achievement and I really learn many thing in this project.
In WIKI there is Some things I liked and didn't like, what I like that you can do many things and put many thinsg but what I didn't like in the WIKI you have many links to go into it and I don't like that thing, I want to change something for the next project to make it good.

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