On this page you can see the guys who did the work and read some information about each one.

I am Abdalla Salim and I am 19 years old. I study engneering in Sarjah Mens College. I chose this sabject because I want to be an engneer. I will do my best to get a good job. abdalla.JPG
My name is Abdalla Matooq and I am 19 years old, I study engineering at Sharjah men's college I chose this program because I like to use my hands, I wish to have a good job in future. abdallam.JPG
My name is Ali Saleh and I'm 18 year old . I study at sharjah men's college.I study an enginering at college because I like it. ali.JPG
My name is Amer Jaber and I'm nineteen years old. I live in Sharjah in AlAteen area. I study in Sharjah men's College. I study engineering and I plan to be a good engineer in the future. I hope to work for a big company. amer.JPG
I am Gaber Saeed and I'm studying in SMC. I choose this Program because I like to use my hands and my brain. My plan is to have a garage. gaber.JPG
My name is Hakim Murad Mousa . I'm studying at Sharjah Men's college. I choose this programme because I like to work with electronic things . I plan to get a Master degree in Electronic Engineering . hakim.JPG
My name is Hussain Saleh. I'm student in HCT. The programe I choose is engneer. I like things that are working by hand and give me more experience. hussain.JPG
My name is Khaleefa Ibraheem and I live in Sharjah. I choose engineering because my country needs engineers. khalifa.JPG
My name is Mahmoud Ibrahim also I'm student in SMC. I like the Engineering because my father is an engineer. mamhoud.JPG
I'm Mohamed Abdulrahim and I'm student at SMC. I study engineering because I like to know how thing work. My plan is to have my own Business. mohamedabdel.JPG
My name is Nasser Abdulwahed. I live in Ajman. I'm student at SMC. My program is Engineering year (1). I'm 20 years old and I'm single not married. My favourite hobbies are car racing and bike racing. nasser.JPG
I'm Nawaf Saeed and I'm twenty years old I live in Ajman in Al Jurf I study in SMC I study Engineering and I want to be a good Engineer in the future. nawaf.JPG
My name is Yousef Khalaf I'm student in HCT. My programme is engineering because I like use my hand also I wish to get a good job in the future with good salary. yousif.JPG
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