Mohamed Ahmed

Firstly, you should go in website and do a new a member then you can login, when you have finish a member you should put information do you have. Also you can put photo and video about your project to be a beautiful project. Also you should put all good things about Emirates because this is from heart.

Secondly, Emirati this word I can say in three or five words about Emirati because all Emirati people have different pride of emirates also because this country gives to every Emirati person a love they feel from inside so, when you see engineer or a good thing from Emirati actually I will have a big pride not only me but if you ask every Emirati person he will tell you more than this. Because when you are an engineer or any important thing you will see most the country will interested in an Emirates. But really you will feel about it only when, your country win in something you will feel prod from your heart like something in your body wants to go out.

Last thing, now I have more skills than before because all most student have hot worked a bout project then I’m also I will never forget everything I learned because I will use In the future also I have more information about emirates and I saw many thing it’s was not about emirates only and I feel proud because I work in Emirati project.

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