Mohamed Abdulrahim

The wiki is a web site you can put something to make others read it or see it. I looked for photo and wrote about the engineer . I did everything as planned but I had some problems I couldn’t find engineer photo.
The engineer made me feel proud to be Emirati because he invented a new system and he helped the world to improve. For that I feel proudly Emirati because my country improve the world. Proudly Emirati mean to me my country is number one in the world also I’m very happy to be from this country. I learn from writing a wiki article about the engineer is to try and work very hard to invent new thing to help my country and the world to improve also I learn if I don’t stop but try again and don’t give up because I must make all Emiratis feel proudly Emirati.
I learned a new skills also I improved during this project. First, I learned to look for photo talk about what I wrote also I looked for information about the engineer which must be true. Also I learned how I write about someone and what they invent.
I like a lot of thing in this project for example look or read about something new we don’t know it. They aren’t a lot thing I didn’t like. I didn’t like the design it didn’t make you to see or feel he must read it or know what it’s about. If I can change I will put a lot of information about history of UAE or how it came one country. Also how a new country be one of the best countries in the world.

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