Mohamed Abdalla Ibrahim

The Wiki is a website, first you must register in this site to get a member, to join this site you will choose a user name and password to login and use wiki. After that, you will be a member, also you can write your informations or your subjects and add it in the wiki website.

Now I'm writing some informations for wiki website, it's talking about Dhows and how you can make it? what kind of wood will use to make it? and how much time it takes to make a Dhow?, also about how much the cost for it? .

I'm Proudly Emirati, this two words have many meanings for me, make me to feel about my natinality as well what the good work did for all Emirati people and help. I feel very happy because i'm Emirati and i proud because i belong to this country.
The engineer, invention helped to make or achievement for country and a invention me Emirati my nationality, so evrybady knew new about UAE and what it has for it's people, i like my country, also i am very prould.

I learnt from this project more things such as find information from website and writing, new words, new information, also i improved speaking too much in English, also how can organise the information and i can write sentences, but the project is very hard for me beause it need more time to find informations in the website and how i will organise the sentences to make prograph, but it is interesting.

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