Mohamed Abdalla Ahmed

I did my project about SKI Dubai. I used the wiki to do my project. I opened the page of wiki then I put my user name more ever password. Then I wrote my topic. I wrote my project in the wiki and put the pictures in projects. I used the wiki the page it was clear and the registration in the wiki was flexible. Every things went I planned however I have only one problem, there was when I want to upload the picture.

Proudly Emirati, it’s mean for me I am proud to be Emirati more ever the reputation of my country made me proud. The engineer made to proud to be Emirati when I learned in my major I will applied in my work, when I will put my planning to improve the local work and my achievement in my life it made me pleased and proud.

I learned in my project many things, I improved my English language, improve my skills in the projects and how to organize the information in the project. However I learned from writing a Wiki, I learned new vocabulary, new meaning, how to make sentences more ever improve my reading. I liked in my project the way to get information was very easy more ever I am interested in the topic however I don’t liked in my project the difficult vocabulary. In the next project I want to improve my project, it will be get more information and organize the project. I need to be better in the next project.

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