Khalid Rashid

First I’m going to describe the wiki and how I used it. I login my e-mail (Inbox) and find the e-mail that the teacher send it to me which has in it a user name number I copy it and login wiki and create a new account and put that number in one of the boxes there. So I have an account in wiki.

I’m Emirati and proud because of that I’m so happy about it the Emirates means to me my life my future my past my family’s past UAE is everything in my life. And the engineer makes me feel that I’m Emirati because there are a few Emiratis working in engineer so I would like to be different. Also I chose the (A380) Airplane I am happy a new Airplane in UAE and I’m happy because my country has it. That project was very important to me because it lets me feel that I’m Emirati.

Anyway, I learn a lot of things in that project first how to find information from the internet and how to put my information in order. And I improve my skills in typing so I can type very well now better than before.

Khalid Alhaddad one of the Emiratis.

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