Khaleefa Ibraheem

A wiki is a type of website you can use to add your work or your project. You can also, remove your project any weir .Also, you can add a video and a picture. Although, you can edit content ,upload files and communicate and collaborate. I like this website because I can use it by easy way. I believe the proudly emirates means to me as live in UAE and my country is UAE

. My project is about building in the past .It’s invention project and it’s proud to be emirates because if you don’t have a past you don’t have a present. How can we live if we don’t build a house? So, the past is very important to use. As a reason, all emirates’ lave a past because we can’t improve UAE if we don’t know the past. I learn many thinks whine I use wiki like how can I use a different website ,How can I add a pictures and project? I think if I went to improve my project I should add a video, a nice distain ,correct spelling and learn from another project.

I hope you can interested in my project and I hope you tell my about any mastic . Next time I choose a different project like Brj Alarb, Freej , Wild wade and about Abu Dubai.**

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