How It Works

In this section, you can learn about inventions that have added to the rich mosaic of engineering in the Emirates. Students have researched

and written articles about robots from RAK and Dubai RAK Solar Powered Robot, Dubai Robots in HCT and Robot Dinosaurs.

There are a couple of arcticles that show how far we have come in the emirates from old air conditioners for houses Wind Towers, to

making snow Ski Dubai and moving water on water slides Wild Wadi. Again, transport is represented in the traditional sense with

Dhows and in the modern with Dubai Metro and Salik. In Sharjah, traffic is a major problem so solving it is a major issue and one

such problem solving techniique is Quran Roundabout Tunnel also the Emirates has a lot of parking problems so in most Emirates now we

have solar powered parking meters that are powered from the sun . Finally, with ID cards and IT playing such a big part in our life we

have an article on Dubai E-City which is a place that is putting the e in all or lifes.

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