Hussain Saleh

First WIKI is a website to share with other people and share new news with other website and get information about anything that happened or anything new.

I used the WIKI to share information about the robot that was made by 12 students in RAK with some picture and also with a logo for RAK College. Everything I planed I did it but only one thing I didn’t find the video because it is rare video for the Solar Power.

Proudly Emirati means to me “ my country can improve with the high improvement in the world. The engineer can make you proud to be Emirati easily by making something that will be important for human and the life in the world. The inventor can invent the old thing for an ancestors and how did they live and everything to connect with them. That’s the way my country can improve and some important and any Emirati come be proud. Like the RAK men’s solar power this thing we can feel proud of because from this way you can save power, use renew power and get idea to invent other things.

From WIKI I learned how can I upload the subject on the internet also how can I edit the subject or photo in it. The project can become improved if the Solar Power Man improve the invention. In the WIKI I like the design of the color on the site using traditional colour. I think that is very good for the proudly Emirati “ WIKI”

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