Humaid Obaid

Firstly the wiki it is a website that invite all people to join it all people can join the wiki website but first they have to be a member of wiki then you can login and create your own page by putting some notices and some picture and video if you like .
I write about a famous engineer he is Ali Rashed I found a lot about him and I putted some picture of his famous company .I didn’t face any problems because my teacher explain to me how to use it and if faced any problem my teacher is ready to help me.

Secondly proudly Emirati means the proud and the owner of his country .I choose Ali Rashed because he is the manger of one of the largest company in the gulf and it is (Adam) and I choose him because it is difficult to be manger of this large company . When I writing about Ali Rashed I wish to be like him because all people respects him I would like to be like him because he is the manger of this big company and I’m proud on him because he is a local Emiratis’ and proud means reason for live and not just this only to be our country on the highest of the world .

Wiki website taught a lot I learn a lot of information about many engineer and invention and achievement also I can improve my skills in reading and writing I really learn a lot of skills and information. Lastly I would say if I do this project again I hope to put an example for the beginner people and change the design of the page to be more excited to the people so that the project may improved.

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