House Building In The Past

Home building in the past

**Modern UAE looks different then in the past for example, old houses were built with stones and mud, milk, and construction was taking a long time to build because of a lack of modern tools such as bricks and building cranes and machinery and engineers, because the old life was very poor. Stones were transported by a rope and dragged around the stones on the ground until it reaches the specified location and raise to the top by a number of workers and the lifting process takes time and effort.

Moving things was difficult because of the weight of things and the large stones to build the houses were heavy so after workers discovered a way to move them faster and easier to make stone columns the building of houses became faster and easier. But it was a very tiring because workers must put stones on the pillars exactly. If the stones that were moved fell, they would lose time, effort and labour. Then, the process of how workers move stones changed as they used horses to pull carts. The carts were made of wood so they were strong and successful to complete the process because it is faster.


Then the evolution terms of the development of transportation in order to make it easy cart to transport cargo and cranes and thus work to be completed as soon as possible.**

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