Hassan Eqbal

The wiki is a big website also any one can used it because it’s very easy to use also if you write anything all the members can see also read what you write. It’s really very easy to use it like email write thing and save also you can put photos in the wiki.

Proudly Emirati means someone do something very good for his country also he wants to make his country in very good level also he wants his country be first and the best. If I do something very good for my country also it makes them in a good way and helps them that time I feel I’m Proudly Emirati because I help and also give my country something very good and I feel Proudly Emirati.

I really learned a lot of things from this project also I learned how to use wiki and another website also how to do projects also I learn and use new skills that helps me in my next project. Really I learn a lot of new things also how to use wiki article like engineer also I learned how I solve my project also problems like engineer style. I really liked wiki article because it’s easy to use also easy to put information. I really didn’t like searching for information because it makes me bored.

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