Hakim Murad
The wiki is a website on the Internet. You can get a member ship from wiki .After that, you can create pages about what you want to write or show to other people. My teacher told us to write about one of these subject engineer, invention or achievement. It's doing by Emirati .I chose to write about Dubai e-city. I searched about this subject in Google and I read some books that talked about this subject. Subsequently, I wrote about Dubai e-city and I put some photo to describe my subject.

My subject went as I planned however, I had some problems with translate some difficult word and how can I get some photo about Dubai e-city.

When I wrote about Dubai e-city I feel proud about it because there are engineers Emirati who helped the government to make this city. I learned when I am doing this project how can I write about a difficult subject and how can I translate difficult word. I learned how the government can plan for this city and the benefits from e-city. I learned there is e-city in my country. I learned about advantages and disadvantages for e-city.
In conclusion, I liked the wiki because it helped me to improve my writing and it helped me to get a new skill about search.
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