Gaber Saeed

The WIKI is a web site and you can connect with other people. I wrote about Ahmed Al Mizroe. I put a photo for Ahmed and what did he invent. I do everything good as I planned, but I have some problem like put a photo and video.

Proudly Emirati means to me, my country is the best country in the world and it will come within the best 10 country in the world. Ahmed makes me feel more proud of the Emirati because he invented a car and he showed all people what can Emirati can do.

I learned and improved many skills like put photo, read or looked for information and searched for anything .the important thing is to be serious when you work - any work .I learned to work hard to invent anything like car and any invention if it is small or big no problems but the problem is you have the a idea and you do not work in it.
I like many things about the project like a new vocabulary , about engineering and who can put in video.
In the future I would like to be an engineer and I will try to invent a car or anything that can be a good thing.

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