Dubai Metro

With the increasing population in the UAE, and the increased congestion there are many barriers and obstacles in transport. So the government is moving to solve this problem. The solution was to do the metro. That was in my opinion a great idea because it will solve many things in transport and also in congestion and furthermore when it is finished it will be something that makes us feel proud.

They started building the Metro on April 2006 and there was two lines for this metro first one they called (red line) and the second one (green line) there are 43 lines. Also they start building a tunnel for the Metro and the tunnel length is 3595 meter. The second step for building is stations and there are 23 stations planned.


They are building the metro by using 12.300 pre-fabricated concrete blocks which are connected together and held in position on concrete pylons to raise the Metro of the ground. And, then the tracks are placed on the blocks for the train to run on.


The working mechanism is to deliver the concrete blocks and join them together. However, before this they must pour the concrete into the pylons so they use a lot of concrete everyday to manufacture the metro in fact they use about 800 cubic meters of concrete per day and 160 tons of steel to reinforce the concrete every day.

This article by Yousif Hussain.


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