Dubai E-City

E-city is in Dubai. It has normal buildings and streets, however the people in e-city use computers and networks. Because it is a complete e-city there is no worry about earthquakes and fires.
The term e-city was first used in the European Conference on Digital City in 1994.

The main jobs of Dubai e-city are:
1-To provide information. Such as maps, news, events, entertainment and information services, trade and electronic shopping, tourism and hotel bookings and the postal and telecommunication services

2-To provide online services, For example, information, requests and transactions for the government, and exchanges e-mail and download application forms, files and software from sites run by the city.

3-To provide Real-time information i.e. Weather forecasts, traffic jam information, and information about ambulance, rescue and police. Also it gives help, information about markets and real estate.

4-To provide Social information exchange e.g. types of chat rooms, specific topics groups, dialogue groups, groups, political opinion and support groups like the Boy Scouts and volunteers.

5-To provide information about the outside world.

So, with e-city working it will make the UAE and its people’s like easier and quicker. It will be the best and most modern city for electronic work in the world and therefore it is sometimes for the emirates and Its people to be proud of . Hakim Murad

For picture:

Obeidat, Reem “Electronic governments: Aims and pivots, the case of Dubai experiment”. Dubai electronic Government, UAE 2001

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