Dubai Autodrome

Racing for many Emirati people is very important because it is filled with excitement and danger and therefore many young and old people enjoy racing. Having a place where people can show their driving skills is important because in the past people race on the roads which is very dangerous and not something to be proud of. However, nowadays we have a place where we can race and watch other people race in Dubai called the Dubai Autodrome.


Dubai Autodrome is one of the best creation in the country and it opened in October 2004 because racing and speed are important to the Emaratis and having such an autodrome is important. It is the gulf's first integrated motorsports facility.
The Dubai Autodrome has a 5.39km race track which is the best in the world and the track can be used in six different ways. In addition, to the track there is a Race & Driving school and a Karting track.
The Autodrome is one of the most modern 5.39 km track in the world and it is also the most difficult circuits because it has a mix of high-speed straights and technical corners. Another thing about the circuit is becuase it has six different configurations it allows three circuits to operate safelt and seperate from each other and all at the same time. The Autodrome have the best safety requirements and was the first circuit to have wide asphalt run-off areas. Furthermore, there is a CCTV system to give the spectator total coverage of the track and this is linked to the Race/Safety control room. This means that if there is a problem on the track the Clerk of the Course can check what happenen.


Most facilities are in a two-storey complex opposite the Main Grandstand and these facilities include Pit Complex, Race/Safety Control Room, Timekeeping Room, Media Centre, VIP Suites and Stewards Room. Also, there is a Medical Centre behind the Pit area for emergencies.
The Pit Complex has 30 team garages and at the back of the Pits is a traditional racing paddock for team staff.
The kart dome is a ggod way for children and adults to experience speed. The track is 1.2km and has 17 corners to test driver's skills, it also has a tunnel and bridge. In addition, the circuit can be divided into two smaller circuits of 720 metres and 525 metres to offer better safety for drivers and spectators. There are also a set of flood lights so people can race at night. There are also 24 pit garages for racing teams so they have a good place to service and repair the cars. Above the pit garage are several rooms, including a timing room and a race control room which has CCTV cameras at every corner of the track.
Dubai Autodrome also has a driving centre were people can learn to drive speed cars with the best instructor in the world. The Dubai Autodrome is part of Dubai Motor City and it is the first completed part of the project.


The Autodrome is designed in a great way, the tracks are the best and easy to change. It is a great experience for the people in the U.A.E. as well as tourists to experience the thrill of speed and is truely something for all Emiratis to feel proud about.

Article by Sultan Eisa.


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