Amer Jaber

The wiki is a wonderful website on the internet. It has many things to do and you can learn a lot of thing if you want. I think I don’t understand every things in the wiki program because I missed some classes however I worked hard to finish my work. I think in the wiki you can put anything you want text, pictures, sound and many things. My project or my text in the wiki is about some things in my country but not in this time it is in the past time. It is ‘’Al barajeel’’ in Arabic language. Simply the people used ksaf palm, coral stone and plaster. There was no A/C in the past and the weather is a killer in the summer. People thought and thought to invent something to make the weather better. After that they invented ‘’Al Barajeel’’.

I’m proudly Emirati, Why I’m proud? The reason is it is my country, my life , my past and my future So it is every things in my life. All my grandfathers were born in this country they lived and fought also defened, but the important things is They lost the life for this country. I’m really ready to lose my life for my country. My country gave me every things to complete my life hospitals, schools, universities and markets. So I’m planned to make or invent anything to make my country proud this is my job and I hope to do it successfully.

There are many skills I learnt and improved in this project if you plan to learn something new. I think the project will improve the ambition for every student in this class. Im very sure in this project the students skills will improve like search skills, presentation skills and They will Know What proudly Emirati mean.

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