Ali Saleh

Wiki is a very good website. Anyone can used it to put information on it . In my project I search for the information I need for the wiki from the website and I searched for the picture I need for the wiki from the website .To take more information about my project I went to Burj Al Arab to take more information. When I went to Burj Al Arab I took information from a manager about the engineering thing in Burj Al Arab and I put it in the Wiki. When I did the project I planned to finish the project on time and everything I went as planned. In the project I don’t have any problem because I organize everything and I made plan for everything before I start my work to finish the project on time. This achievement made me feel very happy about my country because it located in the UAE and all the people in the world know about it and I hope my country made more achievement to be the best country in the world. The achievement mean a lot for me because he did something important to his country and with this people we can make the UAE the best country in the world, In this project I improved and leant how Burj Al Arab build, I learnt how many metal Burj Al Arab are in the sea and I learnt what they get to build Burj Al Arab. I like this project because I leant about my country achievement and I didn’t like it because it is very difficult. In the next project I will change the website I took the information from it.

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