Ali Rashid Al Jarwan

Ali Al Jarwan is a famous man he is the manger of (ADAMA) Petrol Company in AD and he is local man for the UAE. He is a petroleum engineer and he graduate with masters degree. ADAMA is one of the largest companies in the UAE and in the Arabian Gulf.

Mr. Ali started his education in 1975 in the USA in the Tulsa Oklahoma University and he started his first year in the university by learning Math and English and some subject about petrol engineering. He graduate in 1979 with master then he decided to join Adama Petrol Company to complete his work career.

He took 27 year to reach this position in the company and it is a manager of Adama and he is in charge of 2300 employees in the company.

His job is to make Adama in the highest position in the country he is making contracts with other companies from other countries to develop the petrol product and he is trying to get the best out of his workers and is giving a chance for local men to work in this great company.

I, Humaid Obaid, hope to join this company and reach as same position as Mr. Ali, which would be something to be proud of for an Emirati national


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