Ahmed Mohamed

Today I talk about the Engineering Proudly Emirati WIKI project. Firstly, a wiki invites all users to edit any page or to create new pages within the wiki web site. If you want to become a member of the website, you must register at the website. When you are finished registering, you can login the website. Then you can create new topics or themes. In the wiki, I wrote about Wild Wadi Water Park in Dubai and how it works some water games. I didn't have any problems with the wiki website, because everything was planned.

Secondly, Proudly Emirati what is a meaning? For me Proudly Emirati means "love the country", defense of ill, belong to the country and die for it. Addition you are one of the sons of the country. For example Wild Wadi is a great piece of engineering and shows ho engineers can make our life fun and because we have it a the Emirates it makes us feel very proud.

Thirdly, in the wiki I learned a lot, how to enter information within the wiki, also how to build some buildings and how to work some inventions. Addition, knowledge about many engineers in the UAE. Finally, I didn't like to put information within the wiki, but I'd like see information in the website this for me.

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