Ahmed Gharib

First one I open the page in the wiki website and put my id and password after that I opened the page of the project. I wrote about my project in the wiki after I log out and log on every time because I am a member of wiki.

Proudly Emirati means to live and love the country. Proudly Emirati means the life every day and sun and moon and life day after day everything I am proudly Emirati. I love my Emirati nationality and the future in the Emirate.

I reflect about the skills my project Dinosaur I need experience of new words and a new vocabulary I improve my skills and how to do project in the wiki website I improve my writing also I help myself to do the project and I will improve next project.
I like this project because it was easy to get information and easy to get pictures, but I don’t like it because it was very long and work on the project for the first time was difficult. However, I want to improve it next time.

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