Ahmed Al Mzaroai

Ahmed al-Mzaroai is a young gifted Emirati man who loved cars when he was small. He began to make cars when he was nearly 18 years old. Now, he is 27 years old, and his ambition is to have a car factory in the UAE and to make a car called the EMIRIAN.

Ahmed al Mazouri first car is the SBC. It is a mix of four types of cars 1) A Sport Classic or buggy 2) A Racing Car because it’s internal Engine Sport 3) A 4x4 for the desert and 4) Classic old cars because it’s his a Design

Ahmed al Mzaroai is a young national who we can feel proud of and for me Gaber Saeed he is someone who makes me want to study more about engineering so I can help my country in the future and feel Proudly Emirati.





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