Abdalla Salim

WIKI is a wonderful website. It has a lot of information. I create an account name "Weld Zayed" and designed my site. After that, I search information about Mohammed Saeed Harib who made the cartoon Freej. Then I found some information really I liked it and its easy for me to write it in my opinion. I also search for nice photos to post it with my information. After that I checked carefully the information before I posted what I wrote in red colour.

I see Proudly Emirati can be viewed in the world. For example, Mohammed Saeed Harib is famous in our country and Arab Gulf. He also can be famous in the world in the future. It is proud to be Emirati because people in the UAE have people who can do things that is very important in the life and I am sure we have a lot of people who can do something good to be famous and proud.

Finally, I learn how to design my site and how I post photos. My teacher helped me to learn how to post the photo. The most important thing I learned new information about Mohammed Saeed Harib. I also know who helped him for this cartoon. My project will improve and I will do my best to improve it. It's really a proud thing for me.

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