Abdalla Matooq

In the Engineering proudly Emirati WIKI project I made this semester it’s a web site and it’s a way to communicate with people, I used the WIKI to make my project and put it in the WIKI, first I wrote a paragraph about my project after that I inserted pictures and I put it in my project and I think everything went as I planned but had a problem when I searched information, when I searched I can’t find information like how they make the World Island.
“Proudly Emirati” it means Emirates the best and Emirati can do everything , I feel proud because of The World Island it’s a rare thing in the world.
The skills I learnt and Improved in this project is writing and I learned new vocabulary, and use the computer, now I have knowledge about how I can use the computer like I can insert picture and I can open many pages from one word.
I learn from writing WIKI and I have idea how engineering works and this is important to me because I study engineering.
Finally, I like everything about the project and I don’t want to change it for the next project.

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