The Biggest Air plane in the world


The A380 is the biggest airplane in the world and it can travel with 555 people also it has two floor to be more comfortable for the travelers. It is 560 tones and it can fly for 15000 kilometer at 850 kilo meter per hour without stopping. Also it has three levels 1- First class, 2- Business 3- Economy.

1- First class and Business: In this level you will be more relaxing because the seat can be bed in one minute and you have your own TV also you can connect with internet and call by telephone and see the new move you can do all this by the new system (Krisworld).

First class and Business

2- Economy: It has 300 seat and they can have their own TV and internet but they cannot connecting by phone.

The Economy

This huge plane is made in France and the first air line test it is Senegal airline also the first travel to it is in June 2006 from Berlin to London. It has inside shopping mall, bed rooms and sport center.


The shopping mall


This airplane is very important for Emirati people because Emirates airline have bought many for their company and they made their airport bigger so that it can take off and land. Therefore, as Emirates people we should feel very proud of this airplane in our country.

Article by Khalid Rashid.


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